The “BHI Winning News” newsletter is sent out at the start of each month, from February to December. It contains news of recent awards, events, community engagement activities, and publications in addition to more general information. While it is largely intended for staff and students directly connected with the Basil Hetzel Institute, TQEH, others may also be interested in finding out what is happening in Woodville, Adelaide, South Australia!

BHI Winning News – November 2018 – edition 117. The 2 day TQEH Research Expo is featured in this edition, and 6 new staff and students are welcomed.

BHI Winning News – October 2018 – edition 116. BHI graduates, 3MT finalist and TQEH Research Expo information.

BHI Winning News – September 2018 – edition 115. Information about NHMRC early career fellowships awarded to 3 BHI researchers is included in this edition.

BHI Winning News – August 2018 – edition 114. This edition contains new grants and awards received, some farewells, and the announcement of recipients of the latest THRF scholarships (see THRF News section).

BHI Winning News – July 2018 – edition 113. The successful 2018 THRF Grants and Fellowships, totally $2.53million of funding to the BHI, TQEH, are outlined in this issue.

BHI WinningNews – June 2018 – edition 112. Four BHI based students attend their PhD graduation ceremony.

BHI Winning News – May 2018 – edition 111. A summary of the “Day of Immunology Discovery Tour” held at the BHI is included in this edition.

BHI Winning News – April 2018 – edition 110. This edition includes the announcement of THRF’s largest funding round at the BHI, TQEH to date.

BHI Winning News – March 2018 – edition 109. New higher degree research students are welcomed in this edition of Winning News.

BHI Winning News – February 2018 – edition 108. This edition features summaries of recently announced peer-reviewed Grants (including from NHMRC, ARC, Heart Foundation and Cancer Council SA), and five THRF Travel Award reports.

BHI Winning News – December 2017 – edition 107.

BHI Winning News – November 2017 – edition 106. This edition includes stories and photos from the two TQEH Research Days including the showcase of 2017 THRF funded grants and fellowships.

BHI Winning News – October 2017 – edition 105.

BHI Winning News – September 2017 – edition 104

BHI Winning News – August 2017 – edition 103

BHI Winning News – July 2017 – edition 102. Features information about the 11 projects being funded by grants and fellowships recently announced by The Hospital Research Foundation.