Translational Health

The Institute's focus is on translational health research, an emerging area of medical science that aims to improve public health through collaborative discoveries and innovations in patient care, education and research.

This innovative 'bench to bedside' approach allows scientific discoveries to be quickly translated into improved patient care and treatment while information gathered by clinical studies about the nature and progression fo diseases as the 'bedside' also provides new clues and directions for 'bench' research in the laboratories.

The Institute's research program includes research conducted by the Hospital's departments and University disciplines based at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

The Institute has also received program grant funding from The Hospital Research Foundation to establish five collaborative programs:

  • The Health Observatory
  • The Centre for Surgical Evidence, Assessment and Training (SEAT)
  • The Centre for Inflammatory Disease Research (CIDR)
  • The South Australian Translational Centre for Renal Research
  • The Vascular Disease and Therapeutics Research Group


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