Associate Professor Wendy Ingman receives an award from the University of Adelaide

Associate Professor Wendy Ingman, who leads the Breast Biology and Cancer Unit at the BHI, has received a 2016 Women's Research Excellence Award in "recognition of her outstanding achievements as an established researcher". These awards were established by the University of Adelaide in 2015 to "recognise, celebrate and promote academic women's research excellence".

ASMR Gala Dinner: THRF sponsors 10 BHI students to attend

Last night, 10 PhD students from the Basil Hetzel Institute attended the ASMR Gala Dinner at the Adelaide Pavilion thanks to sponsorship from The Hospital Research Foundation, who are also sponsoring ASMR Medical Research Week (June 2-10). Many of these students, together with additional BHI postgraduate students, are presenting the results of their research at the ASMR SA Scientific Meeting at the Adelaide Convention Centre tomorrow.

Professor PJ Wormald and the phage therapy trial targeted at antibiotic-resistant “superbugs”

Today Tonight screened a story "Unstoppable superbugs - how Adelaide is leading the race to save humanity" on Thursday 2 June. Professor PJ Wormald and one of his patients, Martin Darling, discuss the world-first "phage therapy" trial and the process involved for progressing their research. The Today Tonight story expanded on the research being undertaken in Adelaide following an episode of ABC's Catalyst program that went to air on April 19. [photo: Dr Mian Ooi, with TT crew]