Spring graduation for PhD students from the BHI

Congratulations to Basil Hetzel Institute Alumni (L-R) Aneta Zysk (Breast Cancer Research Unit), Dijana Miljkovic and Katharina Richter (both ENT Surgery) for graduating with their PhDs from The University of Adelaide last Thursday. All three graduates have remained working in medical/scientific research since submitting their theses. Aneta joined the Intellectual Disability Research Group in the Adelaide Medical School as a research associate in late 2016, Dijana began as the Flow Cytometry Facility coordinator at St Vincent's Institute of Medical Research in Melbourne at the start of 2017, and Katharina is continuing the work initiated by her PhD research. Another BHI based PhD student to graduate in absentia last week was international student Victor Lamin (Translational Vascular Function Research Collaborative). Victor returned to Sierra Leone after submitting his thesis and intended to gain work at his local University. If you'd like to benefit from studying for your postgraduate degree at the Basil Hetzel Institute - scholarships are currently open for applications (close in Oct/Nov)!