2020 BHI Invited Speaker Seminar Series commences

February 20, 2020
Professor John Spertus, cardiologist and the Lauer/Missouri Endowed Chair and Professor of Medicine at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, where he serves as the Clinical Director of Outcomes Research at Saint Luke’s Mid America Heart Institute, kicked off the BHI Invited Speaker Seminar Series yesterday. John’s informative and entertaining talk focused on the recently completed ISCHEMIA Trial which looked at Identifying the Optimal Management Strategy for patients with Stable Ischemic Heart Disease. This randomized controlled trial enrolled over 5,000 patients from 320 sites in 37 countries and followed them for 3.5 years. This trial showed that invasive cardiology procedures in addition to medications will not prevent major cardiac events compared to medications alone. In patients with angina, invasive cardiology procedures provides improvement in quality of life but there is no benefit for patients without angina symptoms. This important study will impact cardiology practice and provides society an important new way to understand stable heart disease and how treatment benefit is related to angina burden. More information about this trial can be found here.
John is listed in the Thomson Reuters Hi-cite as ‘One of the Most Influential Scientific Minds in the World’, is an adjunct Professor at The University of Adelaide. He is also a long-term collaborator of the Translational Vascular Function Research Collaborative (TVFRC) which is based at the Basil Hetzel Institute, TQEH. [photo: L-R, Professor John Spertus, Dr Rosanna Tavella, Clinical Data Manager, TVFRC  and Professor John Beltrame, Research Leader, TVFRC].
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