BHI researchers in the news

July 17, 2017

Recent stories about BHI researchers have featured on:

Channel 9 news: Adelaide doctors lead world-first trial in preventing heart attacks and chest pain (6 July 2017). A story about the inaugural winners of The Hospital Research Foundation's new "The Basil Hetzel Translational Grant", Prof John Beltrame, A/Prof Chris Zeitz and Swedish collaborator Prof Bertil Lindahl. Read more in the July edition of the BHI Winning News.

The Advertiser: Heart attacks don't just happen to old, unfit men. Women also need to be aware of the dangers (8 July 2017). Includes studies by BHI based research groups led by Prof John Beltrame and Prof John Horowitz.

Ask your Doctor (ABC): TQEH gastroenterologist and BHI PhD student Dr Sam Costello features in Series 1 Episode 9 Gut (11 July 2017) talking about faecal microbiome transplants (9-14mins of episode). Sam and his colleagues will start preparing for FMTs using an anaerobic chamber at the BHI (donated by The Hospital Research Foundation).



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