The clinical trials and studies listed here are only those for which The Queen Elizabeth Hospital (TQEH) clinicians and BHI researchers are actively seeking participants (click on the green writing below to find out more information about these clinical trials):

Adelaide G-TRAC Centre

Clinical Practice Unit

  • POC-study: Randomized Crossover Trial of Portable Oxygen Cylinders versus battery powered portable oxygen concentrators
  • PAC-study: Paroxetine for Anxiety in Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

Liver Metastasis Research Group

  • Development of diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers for screening and early detection of metastatic colorectal cancer


  • The Cognitive Function and Mood Study (CoFaMS)
  • The Cognitive and Functional Assessment of Psychosis Staging Study (CoFAPSS)

Rheumatology Research Group

  • Hand Osteoarthritis Trial