Congratulations to all students who graduated from The University of Adelaide

May 11, 2021

The University of Adelaide has held a series of graduation ceremonies over the last week or so. To see a full list of the BHI, TQEH students who had their degrees conferred in 2020, see pages 20-21 of the BHI Research Report 2020. This photo shows 4 of the 12 students who completed their Bachelor of Health and Medical Science Honours degrees at the Basil Hetzel Institute, The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in 2020. All 12 students were awarded First Class Honours. In addition, Sophie Camens was awarded a University Medal for 2020 for outstanding academic merit throughout her undergraduate studies (read more). Of these 12 Honours students, 5 have commenced their PhDs at the BHI, TQEH (Olivia Girolamo, Joshua Kovoor, Michelle Sims, Dawn Whelan and Kenny Yeo).

L-R: Dawn Whelan (Viral Immunology Group), Kenny Yeo (Solid Tumour Group), Ryan Santos (Viral Immunology Group) and Sophie Camens (ENT Surgery). Photo taken by The University of Adelaide.



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