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Our primary research interest is Breast Cancer and Bone Metastasis as breast cancer is the most common cancer in women that metastasises to bone. Despite recent advances, our knowledge of why bone is such a fertile “soil” for tumour cells to home in on remains poor. Our research aims to provide vigorous preclinical data that will facilitate the translation of novel therapeutics to clinical trials for bone metastases.

We have identified a novel method of treating both cancer progression and metastasis, by targeting the body’s natural immune response. Myeloperoxidase (MPO) and eosinophil peroxidase (EPO), well known for their antimicrobial activity, are released in high quantities by infiltrating immune cells in a variety of tumour types, including breast cancer. Our laboratory has shown for the first time that peroxidases are causatively involved in modulating the cancer microenvironment to promote blood vessel development and extracellular matrix biosynthesis. These processes are major hallmarks in cancer progression and as such identify peroxidases as drugable targets for cancer therapy.



Student Alumni (since 2016)

NameDegreeYear AwardedThesis titleSupervisorsScholarship
Alexandra ShoubridgePhD, University of Adelaide2019A New Role for Peroxidases in Bone RepairProf Andreas Evdokiou, Dr Bill Panagopoulos, Dr Mark DeNichilo and Professor Peter Anderson (WCH)

Faculty of Health Sciences Divisional Scholarship, The University of Adelaide

Kyle BrewerHonours (1st class), University of Adelaide2017Injectable thermoresponsive hydrogels for adoptive cell therapiesEvdokiou A and Blencowe A (UniSA)The Hospital Research Foundation Honours Scholarship
Vasilios (Bill) LiapisPhD, University of Adelaide2017Targeting cancer in the bone with the hypoxia activated pro-drug EvofosfamideEvdokiou A, De Nichilo M & Zinonos IFaculty of Health Sciences Divisional Scholarship, plus Department of Surgery supplementary scholarship, University of Adelaide
Aneta ZyskPhD, University of Adelaide2017Adoptive transfer of ex vivo expanded gamma delta T cells targeting osteolytic cancer in the boneEvdokiou A and De Nichilo MAustralian Postgraduate Award
Vasilios (Bill) PanagopoulosPhD, University of Adelaide2016A novel role for peroxidases in breast cancer development progression and metastasisEvdokiou A & De Nichilo MFaculty of Health Sciences Divisional Scholarship, plus Department of Surgery supplementary scholarship, University of Adelaide

Funding since 2015

Chief InvestigatorsGranting BodyProject TitleType of GrantTotal Grant AmountFunding Period
Panagopoulos VNHMRC (#1160000)Stromal cell-derived factor Gremlin 1 promotes tumour growth and metastasis of breast cancerPeter Doherty Biomedical ECR Fellowship$327,1922019 - 2022
Evdokiou AFaculty of Health and Medical Sciences, The University of AdelaideNew immunotherapeutic approaches targeting incompletely resected or inoperable tumoursLeverage support for THRF project grant$75,0002018 - 2021
Evdokiou A, Zinonos IThe Hospital Research FoundationNew immunotherapeutic approaches targeting incompletely resected or inoperable tumoursProject Grant$225,0002018 - 2021
Sallustio B, Evdokiou A, Horowitz JDNational Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC #1145776)Prevention of heart damage during Anthracycline cancer chemotherapyProject Grant $327,2142018 - 2020
Sallustio BC, Evdokiou A, Horowitz JDThe Hospital Research FoundationVivid Iq Premium, Rodent Echocardiography SystemJoint equipment funding with The University of Adelaide$77,6002018
Evdokiou A, Panagopoulos VTour de CureLocalised treatment of solid tumours with cytotoxic gd T cellsProject Grant$125,0002018
Evdokiou AThe University of AdelaideLocalised treatment of solid tumours with cytotoxic gd T cellsProject Grant$50,0002018
Townsend A, Hardingham J, Tomita Y, Yool A, Price T, Evdokiou AThe Hospital Research FoundationPreclinical investigation of the efficacy of novel aquaporin inhibitors in preventing growth and metastasis of breast cancerABCR Elcombe Preclinical Project Grant$255,0002017 - 2020
Panagopoulos VThe Hospital Research FoundationTargeted inhibition of inflammatory peroxidases, a new therapeutic strategy against breast cancer and metastatic diseaseEarly Career Fellow$240,0002017 - 2019
Evdokiou A, Zannetino A, Blencowe AThe Hospital Research FoundationLocalized treatment of solid tumours with cytotoxic gd T cellsProject Grant$125,0002017 - 2018
Ingman W, Evdokiou A, Wrin JThe Hospital Research FoundationBreaking immune tolerance in triple negative breast cancerProject Grant$125,0002017 - 2018
Evdokiou AThe Hospital Research FoundationMichell-McGrath Breast Cancer Research FellowshipFellowship$750,0002016 - 2019
Foreman A, Evdokiou AGarnett Passe and Rodney Williams FoundationTumour-associated microbiota and its role in oral cavity cancer carcinogenesisConjoint$375,0002016 - 2018
Evdokiou AThe Hospital Research FoundationUncovering a new role of peroxidase enzymes as drivers of mammographic density and breast cancer$150,0002015 - 2016
Evdokiou AOncolyze Inc NY, USA, Anticancer efficacy of PNC-27Commercial open grant$30,0002015 - 2016
Evdokiou AUniversity of Adelaide DVCR$25,0002015
Evdokiou AAdelaide Research and innovation (ARI)Using peroxidase enzymes to accelerate fracture repair in healthy or osteoporotic bone$85,0002014 - 2015
Evdokiou A, Atkins GJProject Grant$456,0002013 - 2015