Breast Biology and Cancer Unit wins a Publication of the Year Award

A publication from the PhD research of Dr Vahid Atashgaran has won the Society for Reproductive Biol



Dean’s Commendation for Doctoral Thesis Excellence awarded to Dr Clementine Labrosciano

Dr Clementine Labrosciano was awarded a Dean’s Commendation for Doctoral Thesis Excellence for her thesis titled “Readmissions in Australian Patients with Cardiovascular Disease”. She completed her PhD at The University of Adelaide under the supervision of Professor John Beltrame and A/Prof Rosanna Tavella in the Translational Vascular Function Research Collaborative. Clementine is currently working as a research coordinator on the CADOSA Registry at TQEH and RAH. Clementine says “I would like to thank my peers and supervisors at the BHI for their support during my journey. I feel privileged to have worked with such wonderful people in the Basil Hetzel Institute community"..

Professor PJ Wormald awarded an NHMRC Investigator Grant

Congratulations to Professor PJ Wormald (ENT Surgery) on being awarded one of only 12 National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Investigator Grants in South Australia. 237 Leadership and Emerging Leadership Fellows received funding in the Investigator Grant scheme, the largest NHMRC scheme. Professor Wormald’s 5 year Leadership grant, valued at $2.36M, is titled “From bench to bedside: A new treatment for Chronic Rhinosinusitis” and commences in January 2021..

Dr Stephanie Fong awarded Dean’s Commendation for Doctoral Thesis Excellence

Dr Stephanie Fong has been awarded her PhD in addition to a Dean's Commendation for Doctoral Thesis Excellence. Her PhD thesis title was "Bacteriophage therapy for chronic rhinosinusitis: Targeting Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilms" and she was supervised by Professor PJ Wormald and Associate Professor Sarah Vreugde (ENT Surgery). She was supported by a joint scholarship from The Hospital Research Foundation and The University of Adelaide. Stephanie is currently in the second year of specialist training in ENT Surgery at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital..

Two Diabetes SA grants awarded to BHI researchers

Two of the three Diabetes SA grants announced on Friday 1 May were awarded to researchers based at the Basil Hetzel Institute, The Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Each grant is valued at $100,000 over two years. Dr David Jesudason is the Director of Diabetes and Endocrinology at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital and has 20 years of experience as an endocrinologist. He is passionate about improving the care of people with Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes both in metropolitan Adelaide as well as rural South Australia. His project is titled "Addressing life threatening ketoacidosis associated with sodium-glucose cotransporter 2 inhibitors (SGLT2i) and key antidiabetic medicines". Dr Cher-Rin Chong is an NHMRC Peter Doherty Biomedical Early Career Fellow in the Cardiovascular Pathophysiology and Therapeutics Group at the Basil Hetzel Institute, TQEH. Her project is titled "For a novel strategy for cardiovascular protection in type 2 diabetes". Read more about these projects in the May edition of the BHI Winning News..

Three BHI grants funded by The Hospital Research Foundation

Three of the nine research projects that received funding from The Hospital Research Foundation, in an announcement made earlier this week, involve researchers based at the Basil Hetzel Institute, TQEH. Professor Mike Roberts, Director of the Therapeutic Research Centre, and three TQEH collaborators - Dr David Jesudason, Director of Endocrinology and Diabetes, Dr Emily Meyer, consultant endocrinologist and Dr Venkatesan Thiruvenkatarajan, Staff Specialist Anaesthetist, have a project that aims to prevent complications for Type 2 diabetes sufferers who are undergoing surgery. In addition to this grant, two early career researchers also have received THRF funding: Dr Katharina Richter, Surgical Science Research Group, has a project that aims to prevent infections associated with mesh implants in hernia surgery while Dr Rob Bryant, Inflammatory Bowel Disease Research Group, is investigating diet strategies for patients with ulcerative colitis. Each of the 1 year grants is valued at up to $130,000. You can read more about these projects here. [photo L-R: Professor Mike Roberts, Dr Kati Richter, Dr Rob Bryant]..

TQEH Research Expo features student researchers and Professor John Rasko AO

TQEH Research Expo 2019 continued today with 5 sessions of oral presentations from students and clinical trainees based at the Basil Hetzel Institute, TQEH. An engaging Plenary Lecture was delivered by Professor John Rasko AO, who is Professor of Medicine at the Centenary Institute in Sydney. The title of his talk was "Cell and Gene Therapy: great power brings great responsibility", the latter part of the quote borrowed from the original Spiderman comic! Scientific Director Joy Rathjen said "John gave an exciting overview of recent successes in the development of Cell and Gene Therapeutics. After a summary of the state of play in the field, highlighting the 44 Cell and Gene therapies now approved in a multiplicity of jurisdictions globally, he explored new developments in personalised immune cell therapies (CAR-T cells) and then examples, from his own work, of promising clinical trials for curing difficult to treat genetic diseases. He finished with a thought provoking analysis of the responsibilities that we (scientists, clinicians, influencers and the public) face as these therapies are implemented." The day concluded with the presentation of awards by the Honourable Stephen Wade MLC, Minister for Health and Wellbeing. We thank all the generous sponsors for making this two day highlight of TQEH research possible: The Hospital Research Foundation, The University of Adelaide, University of South Australia, plus industry sponsors Abacus dx, AGRF, Beckman Coulter, Bio-Strategy, Chem-Supply, Eppendorf, Southern Cross Science. Photo (L-R): Scientific Director Associate Professor Joy Rathjen, Professor John Rasko and TQEH Director of Research Professor Guy Maddern. More photos can be found on the BHI Facebook page!.

TQEH Researcher Showcase held on Thursday 10 October

TQEH Researcher Showcase, which forms part of the two day TQEH Research Expo, invited donors of The Hospital Research Foundation to join BHI, TQEH researchers for the afternoon. An introduction by THRF CEO Mr Paul Flynn was followed by two students from the BHI who were recent Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences finalists in The University of Adelaide's three minute thesis (3MT) competition. Amita Ghadge (Breast Biology and Cancer Unit) and Tom Eldredge (Oesophageal Physiology Group) each gave their 3 minute talks on "Why Alex Dunphy won't get breast cancer" and "Can we win the war on obesity?" respectively. These talks were followed by a panel discussion chaired by TQEH Director of Research Professor Guy Maddern titled "Challenges and Solutions to Medical Research". Panellists included Professor John Beltrame (CALHN Director of Research and academic cardiologist), Professor Catherine Hill (Head of TQEH Rheumatology) and Fiona Smithson (THRF Director Strategy and Partnerships, Executive Director of the Centre for Creative Health). Afternoon tea, generously provided by The Hospital Research Foundation was enjoyed by donors and researchers alike!.

BHI Researchers win awards

Congratulations to Sarah Bernhardt (photo, right), PhD student in the Breast Cancer and Biology Unit for being awarded three prizes at the September 24th Florey Postgraduate Research Conference for the Faculty of Health Sciences at The University of Adelaide. Dr Katharina Richter (photo, left), NHMRC Early Career Fellow in the Surgical Science Research Group was awarded a Women in Innovation "Winnovation" Award in the science category. Dr Branka Grubor-Bauk (photo, centre), who holds a Mid Career Fellowship from The Hospital Research Foundation and works in the Virology Group at the BHI, has just received $5,000 to support her research from The University of Adelaide. Branka was one of ten outstanding women researchers to be recognised with one of the University's Women's Research Excellence Awards for 2019. .