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Dr Agathe Daria Jadczak is an Exercise Physiologist and Sports Scientist from Germany working as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Basil Hetzel Institute for Translational Health Research, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Adelaide, South Australia. Agathe completed her PhD in Medicine in 2018 with the Adelaide G-TRAC Centre, Adelaide Medical School, University of Adelaide, investigating various strategies to treat and prevent frailty in community-dwelling older people. She focused on medical education programs, exercise advice provided by general practitioners, and the impact of exercise programs combined with protein supplementation. In 2018, she received the Robert Penhall Early Career Research Award for her work related to educating medical students on how to prescribe exercise to older people.

Agathe has successfully collaborated with various partners including CSIRO (EXercise and PRotein Effectiveness Supplementation Study – EXPRESS) and Resthaven Inc., a South Australian aged care provider (Frailty In Residential Sector Over Time – FIRST Study). Currently, she collaborates with the Adelaide University Judo Club (AUJC) investigating the impact of Judo-based exercise programs on frailty and frailty-related consequences such as falls in community-dwelling older adults. She successfully completed a feasibility trial and led a scoping review on this topic.

Agathe’s expertise lies in the design, implementation and outcome analyses of exercise-related research studies involving older people aged ≥65 years.

While a PhD student, Agathe was a BHI Student Representative for the Ground Floor from 2015-2017. This involved participating in the BHI Management Committee’s bi-monthly meetings and helping to coordinate student activities.

Agathe studied Sport Sciences in Germany before undertaking a PhD with the Adelaide G-TRAC Centre, Adelaide Medical School, The University of Adelaide.

PhD awarded: 2018, The University of Adelaide

Supervisors: Professor Renuka Visvanathan and Dr Natalie Luscombe (CSIRO)

Thesis title: Exercise and Older People: Strategies to Prevent, Treat and Delay Frailty

Scholarship: Beacon of Enlightenment PhD Scholarship, The University of Adelaide

You can read about Agathe’s PhD research in a story by The Hospital Research Foundation.

Agathe presented a talk about her research to the “Active over 50’s (ARPA) Largs Bay Regional Group in May 2016.