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Dr Azadeh Alinaghi spent her early career working as a pharmacist in a medical centre. In 2013 she completed a PhD in pharmaceutics at the Tehran University of Medical Science in Iran. She then spent two years working as an academic in the Faculty of Pharmacy at the Lorestan University of Medical Sciences in Iran. More recently Azadeh worked with the Therapeutics Research Centre (TRC) team based at The University of Queensland in Brisbane, before moving to Adelaide in 2015 to continue working with the TRC team based at the Basil Hetzel Institute and the University of South Australia.

During her PhD Azadeh developed an enthusiasm for studies on drug delivery systems, particularly in-situ forming hyrogel-embedded liposomes to introduce an alternative method to prolong liposome circulation. Her special interest is in developing lipid based formulations, and recruiting these nanoparticles for therapeutic or diagnostic purposes. Her expertise has been expanded through working with different national and international groups.