From 2022 the “BHI Winning News” newsletter will be sent out in the middle of each month, from February to December. Winning News contains news of recent awards, events, community engagement activities, and publications in addition to more general information. While it is largely intended for staff and students directly connected with the Basil Hetzel Institute, TQEH, others may also be interested in finding out what is happening in Woodville South, Adelaide, South Australia!

BHI Winning News – June 2022 – edition 155. A “no-jab” COVID-19 vaccine trial starts, a PhD student presents results in Portugal, Basil’s birth 100 years ago is commemorated, plus HDR student completions and newcomers.

BHI Winning News – May 2022 – edition 154. After a long hiatus we finally have some reports of travel and overseas research experiences!

BHI Winning News – April 2022 – edition 153. The 2021 BHI Research Report is now available.

BHI Winning News – March 2022 – edition 152. We welcome new Honours, Masters and PhD students to the BHI, TQEH and congratulate 3 students who qualified in February.

BHI Winning News – February 2022 – edition 151. ENT Surgery group awarded two grants, other grant funding announcements, and Dr Prue Cowled retires after 47 years of research at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital!

BHI Winning News – December 2021 – EDITION 150. A/Prof Wendy Ingman wins a NHMRC Ideas Grant, Michell-McGrath Fellowship applications open, First Class Honours awarded to all honours year students and farewell to our BHI Facility Manager, Kathryn Hudson.

BHI Winning News – November 2021 – edition 149. A dinner celebrating 60 years of research at TQEH and the 30th TQEH Research Expo feature in this edition.

BHI Winning News – October 2021 – edition 148. Student awards and scholarships, and information about TQEH Research Expo.

BHI Winning News – September 2021 – edition 147. An early career award, new equipment and opportunities for Early and Mid-Career Researchers.

BHI Winning News – August 2021 – edition 146. A new Department of Health grant awarded, and a reminder to submit abstracts for the 30th TQEH Research Expo.

BHI Winning News – July 2021 – edition 145. Awards to two PhD students, a welcome to new staff and students, and some community engagement activities.

BHI Winning News – June 2021 – edition 144. Includes a SA Health Award to a PhD student and some articles from the Adelaide G-TRAC Centre.

BHI Winning News – May 2021 – edition 143. Some helpful tips on communicating your research and a thank you note from a recent BHI Alumnus.

BHI Winning News – April 2021 – edition 142. The BHI Research Report 2020 is now available online, an NHMRC Partnership Project Grant is announced, and many researchers receive awards plus more new HDR students are introduced.

BHI Winning News – March 2021 – edition 141. New Honours, Masters and PhD students are welcomed in the first edition for 2021.

BHI Winning News – December 2020 – edition 140. Two new grants, multiple awards and two retirements of long-term contributors to the BHI, TQEH.

BHI Winning News – November 2020 – edition 139. The 29th TQEH Research Expo features in this edition, plus two Vanguard Grants to Emeritus Professor John Horowitz.

BHI Winning News – October 2020 – edition 138. New funding for a Zika virus vaccine, UniSA student animations, The Longest Table fundraiser and program outlines for the upcoming TQEH Research Expo.

BHI Winning News – September 2020 – edition 137. Finalists in Unsung Hero of South Australian Science, and PhD Science Excellence Award plus other awards to BHI, TQEH based researchers.

BHI Winning News – August 2020 – edition 136. Good luck to 3MT competitors, welcome to new staff and students, and a reminder that the deadline for TQEH Research Expo abstracts is fast approaching.

BHI Winning news – July 2020 – edition 135. An MRFF grant awarded to Professor Sandra Peake and two researchers receive Dean’s Commendations for Doctoral Thesis Excellence.

BHI Winning News – June 2020 – edition 134. Features an article on Professor PJ Wormald who has been awarded an NHMRC Investigator Grant.

BHI Winning News – May 2020 – edition 133. This edition includes grant support for a COVID-19 project and two Diabetes SA grants to BHI, TQEH researchers.

BHI Winning News – April 2020 – edition 132. The BHI Research Report 2019 has been released. This edition also includes a report from a Fulbright scholar and an update on some BHI Alumni.

BHI Winning News – March 2020 – edition 131. Three BHI researchers awarded project grants from The Hospital Research Foundation, plus welcome to new staff and 8 Honours students.

BHI Winning News – February 2020 – edition 130. Farewell Professor Eric Gowans and welcome to new staff members, plus pages of TQEH publications since the last edition!

BHI Winning News – December 2019 – edition 129. Recent grant successes and awards are included in this edition.

BHI Winning News – November 2019 – edition 128. This edition features the 28th TQEH Research Expo.

BHI Winning News – October 2019 – edition 127. MRFF grant awarded, student awards and graduation.

BHI Winning News – September 2019 – edition 126. New Scientific Director announced, NHMRC Development Grant and THRF Fellowships, plus awards and other news in this bumper edition of WN.

BHI Winning News – August 2019 – edition 125. The BHI now holds two records for The Longest Table cancer fundraiser!

BHI Winning News – July 2019 – edition 124. Read about a Science in Public media and communications workshop and a new animation collaboration with UniSA Design students.

BHI Winning News – June 2019 – edition 123. Three prizes to Virology Group members, a visit from new Cheltenham MP Mr Joe Szakacs, a graduation ceremony and plenty of community engagement activities are included in this edition.

BHI Winning News – May 2019 – edition 122. This edition includes a visit from SA’s Chief Scientist plus Alumni and Student News.

BHI Winning News – April 2019 – edition 121. This edition announces the release of the 2018 BHI Research Report.

BHI Winning News – March 2019 – edition 120. Includes an introduction to many new PhD, Masters and Honours Students. 

BHI Winning News – February 2019 – edition 119. Australia Day honours, new staff, plus some social news and upcoming events are included in the first edition for 2019.

BHI Winning News – December 2018 – edition 118. Grants from the NHMRC and FDA, amongst others are summarised in the final edition for 2018. International conference presentations including THRF Travel Award reports are also included. 

BHI Winning News – November 2018 – edition 117. The 2 day TQEH Research Expo is featured in this edition, and 6 new staff and students are welcomed.

BHI Winning News – October 2018 – edition 116. BHI graduates, 3MT finalist and TQEH Research Expo information.

BHI Winning News – September 2018 – edition 115. Information about NHMRC early career fellowships awarded to 3 BHI researchers is included in this edition.

BHI Winning News – August 2018 – edition 114. This edition contains new grants and awards received, some farewells, and the announcement of recipients of the latest THRF scholarships (see THRF News section).

BHI Winning News – July 2018 – edition 113. The successful 2018 THRF Grants and Fellowships, totally $2.53million of funding to the BHI, TQEH, are outlined in this issue.

BHI WinningNews – June 2018 – edition 112. Four BHI based students attend their PhD graduation ceremony.

BHI Winning News – May 2018 – edition 111. A summary of the “Day of Immunology Discovery Tour” held at the BHI is included in this edition.

BHI Winning News – April 2018 – edition 110. This edition includes the announcement of THRF’s largest funding round at the BHI, TQEH to date.

BHI Winning News – March 2018 – edition 109. New higher degree research students are welcomed in this edition of Winning News.

BHI Winning News – February 2018 – edition 108. This edition features summaries of recently announced peer-reviewed Grants (including from NHMRC, ARC, Heart Foundation and Cancer Council SA), and five THRF Travel Award reports.

BHI Winning News – December 2017 – edition 107.

BHI Winning News – November 2017 – edition 106. This edition includes stories and photos from the two TQEH Research Days including the showcase of 2017 THRF funded grants and fellowships.

BHI Winning News – October 2017 – edition 105.

BHI Winning News – September 2017 – edition 104

BHI Winning News – August 2017 – edition 103

BHI Winning News – July 2017 – edition 102. Features information about the 11 projects being funded by grants and fellowships recently announced by The Hospital Research Foundation.