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Zelalem’s PhD was conferred by The University of Adelaide in May 2019. His thesis was titled “Pre-Clinical Evaluation of a Vaccination Strategy to Induce Liver Resident Memory T Cells against Hepatitis C Virus”, and was supervised by Professor Eric Gowans, Dr Branka Grubor-Bauk and Dr Dan Wijesundara. His PhD research was supported by a University of Adelaide Overseas Postgraduate Scholarship.

Zelalem completed a bachelor degree in medical laboratory technology at the University of Gondar, Ethiopia and a masters degree in tropical and infectious diseases at Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia.

Over the last 9 years Zelalem has worked as a graduate assistant and most recently as an assistant professor at the University of Gondar, Ethiopia. For two years he also headed the Quality Assurance and Laboratory Management Unit at the School of Biomedical and Laboratory Sciences, University of Gondar, Ethiopia.

Zelalem’s PhD from The University of Adelaide, was conferred in May 2019.