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The primary research interests of our department are:

  • SGLT2 inhibitors (new medications used for treating type 2 diabetes) and consequences for patients undergoing surgery
  • Efficacy and cost-effectiveness of ultrasound guided blocks for postoperative analgesia
  • Applications of high flow nasal oxygen in high risk patients undergoing sedation or anaesthesia
  • Applications and complications of supraglottic airway devices; these are devices that sit above the vocal cords and assist breathing during anaesthesia
  • New applications of drugs as coanalgesics or co-anaesthetics in anaesthesia



Research Leaders

Roelof Van Wijk (Director)

Vasanth Rao Kadam (Regional Anaesthesia)

Venkatesan Thiruvenkatarajan (Laryngeal Mask Airway and High Flow Nasal Oxygen)

Richard Watts (Beta-blockers and anaesthesia)

Clinical Researchers

Arpudaswamy Kumar

Graeme Newcombe

Rajesh Sethi

Thavarajah Visvanathan

Medhat Wahba

Nagesh Nanjappa